Choosing an attorney is an important decision, and not one to be taken lightly. Take the time to make sure that the attorney you select is a good match for you, the client, and your legal situation.

At the Jakowczuk Law Firm, I take a personalized approach to each and every client. One aspect of my representation that remains constant, however, is my effort to represent clients with zealous enthusiasm and open lines of communication. I listen to your needs, respond with compassion, and pursue your best interests with tireless persistence.

You deserve to be heard and informed.

The JLF Mission

I am committed to providing personal service to my clients. I hear all too often of attorneys who do not communicate fully with their clients, and I strive to provide better communication to each and every one of mine.

I provide ethical representation and approach each situation holding the client’s best interests as paramount. I aim to represent with zeal, honesty, integrity, and fairness - always.

My mission is to be "not just any attorney, but YOUR attorney!"